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Parable Dance

Parable Dance

Parable Dance UK deliver inclusive dance classes in the south east of England, Parable Dance NY deliver inclusive dance classes in New York and both companies deliver inclusive dance training, mentoring and consultancy worldwide.

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Our Values


At Parable Dance UK we want everyone to have access to art and to work inclusively. We believe that dance has the ability to unite communities, develop confidence, and maximise mental and physical health and wellbeing. People of all ages with disabilities engaging in our projects have the opportunity to be creative, active, and social. We acknowledge that everyone has the right to identify in a way appropriate to their own autonomy and everyone has a unique ability.

We hold the following values:



To make dance available for people with disabilities who may have limited –if any– access to dance, art, and community.



Classes and programmes have a focus on individual ability. All participants’ ideas are respected and everyone contributes. We celebrate our differences.



Individuals learn new skills and are provided with progression pathways suitable for them.



Training schemes and consultations enable dancers, teachers, and organisations to develop their inclusive practice.



Fun and engaging dance workshops and training sessions offer enriching social experiences.

Incredibly trustworthy, professional, and caring. They value high quality, honest engagement no matter the scale or scope of the project
Elaine Foley, Projects Manager, Learning & Engagement, Sadler’s Wells
I have seen too many young dance artists fall out of inclusive dance practice work due to lack of infrastructure and networks. Worse, I have seen too many potential disabled artists fall out of dance entirely for lack of the same. I can attest that Parable are indeed plugging a huge gap in this part of the industry. And its timely.
Louise Katerega, Head of Professional Development, People Dancing

Thank you for your generous support of Parable Dance. Your contribution will directly benefit our work.



Winner - She Inspires: National Cultural Champion Award 2021

Honour – British Citizen’s Award for contribution to the arts 2022 (Natasha Britton)

Winner – She Inspires: Lifetime Achievement Award 2022 (Natasha Britton)

Shortlisted - The National Learning Disability & Autism Awards: Sporting Chance Award and Outstanding Contribution Award 2022

Shortlisted - The Sussex Business Awards: Community Hero Award 2022

Shortlisted – The Autism Hero Awards: Lifetime Achievement Awards 2022 (Natasha Britton)

Shortlisted - The Sussex Sport & Physical Activity Awards: Inclusion & Diversity Award 2023